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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lee Dewyze is my American Idol!

I have been watching the show for years now and I finally got to attend a homecoming parade! I gathered up the girls yesterday and we headed about 10 minutes south to Mt. Prospect. There weren't that many people there since we arrived about 2 hours or so early. I wanted to make sure we got there before the traffic got too crazy. Anywho, we got there, got a few shirts(Beleeve!) and then found a place to watch. The crowd was crazy and as soon as he started coming down the road everyone moved in closer for a better look. I just stayed where I was on the sidewalk because I wanted to stay away from all the crazies. Anywho, I did end up getting some photos. He looked straight over my way and I saw him get a little emotional. It was really cool because I know he is so humbled by everything that has happened to him. He is so talented and I can only wish for amazing things to come! I was really glad I was able to be there to support such an amazing singer! I hope he goes all the way but we will find out in a few weeks:)

Now that I had all of that fun yesterday it's back to work. I got all of my household chores done today and now I am so full of inspiration, I just want to get busy designing again! I think my next venture is going to be recipe cards. I have a lot of ideas for those so we will see how that goes.

Vote for Lee!!

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