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Sunday, June 6, 2010


So it's official, I'm getting married! Well, let me rephrase that; I'm getting married again! My husband and I are working on almost 6 years of marriage and I told him I want my wedding gosh darnit! We eloped when we were pretty young and had no money, so now that we have a a little more cash and are close to family, we decided to tie the knot again. The date will be sometime in September of 2012. It is a ways off but I am definitely excited to walk down the aisle to my amazing husband!

As for Sara Rubendall Design Studio, new things are to come! I am branching out yet again. I will start making jewelry display cards. There are a lot of jewelry sellers on Etsy so I thought, why not team up and give them a fun design to help sell their items? I only have 1 design so far but I am hoping to get more up soon. I still have about 4 or 5 banners that I have started and still need to add avatars too. That will keep me busy for most of the week in between filling orders. I am thinking about offering printing services as well to make it a little easier for the customer.

I am also going to start offering marketing material design as well. This will include things like post-cards, business cards, hang tags and labels. The only thing stopping me is the time it takes to actually design the items. It is a goal for me so I have something to work towards!

And don't forget, if you need an Etsy makeover, be sure to stop by. I have new designs weekly as well as a pretty big selection in my shop.


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