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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Website Coming!

And boy am I excited! I am ready to give the ol' girl a new look! I am going to post a preview of a sample of what it will look like. The only difference is that it will say my shop name,(duh) and there won't be any photos. I decided to leave that part blank since it just seemed to busy with the stuff I was going to put in there. I also learned a few new tricks on weebly so I will be a busy bee this week.

Do any of you ever notice that some days of the week are busier, sales wise? I swear as soon as Tuesday gets here I am absolutely swamped with orders but on Saturday's you can hear a pin drop it's so quite. I am glad I noticed this trend and it really helps with knowing when to post items for sale.

I am also putting a lot of my shop sets on a pretty deep discount to make room for new designs. I am getting ready to roll out the fall collection pretty soon so if you are looking for a new look for your shop, stop on over and get an amazing deal!

So today is CLEAN TUESDAY! I usually clean the house on Tuesdays. Like really deep clean since the mess usually catches up with my by Tuesday. I did laundry and everything yesterday but my little ladies are like little tornadoes so you can't even tell that anything was done. It's all good though. Hopefully we can get the house cleaned up and go to the Chicago Botanic Garden. I have been wanting to go there for a while now and now that it is already August, I think I better get my butt in gear and take the kiddies!

That is all for now. Remember, new stuff coming soon as well as some pretty awesome sales!!


Here is what the website will look like. Let me know what you think!!

1 comment:

  1. I really, really like your web design.

    Can't wait to see it open. Are you friends with Maree Adams, by the way?