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Saturday, July 17, 2010

So we took the scenic route...

o I woke up today and definitely didn't want to stay inside on such a gorgeous day. So I thought, what can we do? I initially wanted to visit the Museum of Science and Industry but since they wanted a couple of arms and a leg to get in, we decided against it. I love that place but come on, $16.00 for parking? A bit excessive I think. Since I really wanted to spend the day in downtown Chicago we thought, hey, why not try the Lincoln Park Zoo? It's free so why not? Well, here is the why not. There is no friggin' parking anywhere. You have to get there early or else you are screwed. So our day went a little like this: Get in car. Drive around block 15 times. See big buildings. Look for taco bell. Fail.

We decided to call it a day at about noon since the girls were both getting a little moody from being stuck in the car. I was also getting hungry and wanted me some taco bell! We got out of the city and found a taco bell in a small town. After that we headed home and I took a well deserved nap.

So all in all our day involved a lot of driving in circles. It's okay though because I absolutely love Chicago, it is a city very close to my heart:)

Now, onto more pressing matters(sale!) I will be posting a coupon code later in the week and it will be a doozie. I also will start offering listings for M2M items for your shop such as a gift certificate template which is great for all of you that want to start offering those. I will also have an M2M listing for promotional items such as postcards, business cards, return address labels, round stickers, and lots more. The way this will work is you can purchase these items and just let me know the name of your shop(if you have purchase a set from me. I cannot match the items to a set I have not created) and I will then match the item to your set.

I will also have a few new designs posted early in the week. I need to finish up a few more projects I am working on and then I am going to focus on getting the designs and M2M listings up.

That is all for now. Thank you to all of my loyal readers!


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