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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coupon Code!

The sun is shining here and it has put my in a fabulous mood! I am going to pass that on to you so here you go: This coupon code is good until November 1st and will get you $5.00 off of any $25.00 or more purchase. Just convo me this code and I will set up a reserved listing for you:)

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who is ready for the holidays?

Oooh, me me me, pick me! I am SO ready for the holiday's! I have even picked up a gift for my husband already:) I love this time of year and I am hoping to spread the holiday cheer in my shop. This is the first holiday season I am having here at SRDS and I want to celebrate with a lot of fun sets. I've sketched out some ideas and now I just have to put them onto the computer.

Also, I thought I would update everyone on some new things coming to SRDS. First of all, all of the sets in my shop are now semi-customizable. I will be providing a font list with every listing so you can now choose which font you would like. Also, for an extra 15.00 you can change the colors of your shop set as well!

Also, with the holiday's fast approaching I will be introducing some new shop sets in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for fun pinks, blues, reds and greens! I am so excited to get these sets out!

Don't forget, I also have added some new regular shop sets.

Last time we talked about tags and how important they are to any shop trying to get some exposure. This week I will be discussing Branding your business. Branding is a way of putting a face to a name for your customers. If they see your banner they will remember it and be more likely to come back and purchase from you again. Branding is important now only online but offline as well. Promoting online is a great tool but to get even more exposure, you may want to get some business cards printed. These are great because you can print 250 of them and hand them out everywhere. Go to your local supermarket and post one on the board at the entrance. Check around your local mall or other places like coffee shops or anywhere else that allows you to post your card. This is a great(and free) way to get your name out there, especially if you have an eye catching card. This brings me to next weeks topic: Advertising.

That is all for this week. Be sure to check back again next week for more tips!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Need some tips?

I know that when I first started out on Etsy, I needed help, and a lot of it! I've decided that I am going to start adding some helpful tips and tricks to my blog to help those of you just starting out, or those of you that just aren't getting the sales you want.

Today's topic is tags. Tags are SO important. Without them, how will your potential customers ever find your products? When I started out I will have to admit, I was a little lazy. I would maybe do 2 or 3 because that was all I could think of. I was having very little sales as a result. Etsy allows up you to use up to 14 tags! If you are having trouble thinking of that many, sit down with a pad of paper or even ask friends and family for some input. When I tag my items, I try to be as descriptive as possible. For example, let's say I am going to list a new Etsy shop set. I can use the tags banner, avatar, business card, return address label, logo, pink, blue, flower, clean, etsy shop set, premade shop set, round sticker, polka dot. There are many ways to describe something and you really have to tap into that. My shop sets have a lot of items included in them so I try to make sure I list each item individually as well as the colors. These are great ways to describe your items! Now that I have utilized all 14 tags my sales have definitely increased. Another way I like to get sales is to promote, promote, promote...but that's another blog entry:)

In the next blog post: Promoting and Marketing your Shop