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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Friday and More!

So I know you have all probably been waiting for a huge Black Friday announcement...well here it is!

Holiday Shop Sets: 50% off!!
Premium Shop Sets: $10.00 off!
Basic Shop Sets: 50% off!!
Made to Match Items: 3 for $25.00 or 50% off each Made to Match Item!

I have decided to add in listings for made to match items. This way if a customer wants to add a bow card and a business card design to their order, they can simply add the listing to their cart and voila! Easy! I will also have a 3 for $30.00 listing as well. These can be any 3 made to match items.

It's time for this weeks Etsy tip. I just found out about this and I am SUPER excited to share it with you all. Etsy has just rolled out a huge list of apps to help us all out and my absolute favorite is called Etsy On Sale. Just to go to get started. The way it works it simple(and incredible!) I love it because instead of going through my Etsy shop and changing all of the listings to reflect a sale price, I can go on Etsyonsale and change the price of a section. For example, I will be putting my Holiday sets on sale for 50% off. Here is how you do it:

Go to
Click on Sellers in the upper right hand corner.
Go through the steps and confirm your shop name and allow them to connect to your account.
Select your shop
Click on Sales Events
On the right hand side will want to click on add new sales event.
Go through the simple form and voila, you have a sale!

I am so excited to try this out on Black Friday! I love, love, LOVE this new app and I know it will make my life much easier!

I hope you enjoyed this because I did! Happy selling and be sure to check out all of my awesome sale items next week.



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