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Monday, December 27, 2010


So today I decided to make some changes to a few of the shop sets. Nothing major, just a few little things here and there. I won't be posting them just yet but they will be out before the big New Year's sale. Speaking of sale, all of the holiday shop sets are now 75% off. I will not be re-listing them once they are sold so make sure you get yours before they are all gone!

New shop hours are going into effect January 1, 2011. Remember, all orders will be sent out after 7 p.m. cst.

I am also working on getting a premium and basic sample of all of the shop sets. I am hoping to get this done by the end of the week but it is going to be a bit time consuming. Maybe that can be my new year's resolution...
Also, remember that any shop set can be made into a basic, premium or business starter kit. Just send me a convo and I can set up a reserved listing for you. It's that easy!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, I know I did:)


Don't forget about the big New Year's Sale, it's gonna be a doozy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome 2011!

2011 is going to bring a lot of changes at SRDS and I am VERY excited about all of them! I had an amazing year over at SRDS and I hope to do the same in 2011.

My shop is currently on vacation so I can spend some quality time with my family. My husband is in the military and this will be the  very first Christmas my youngest gets to spend with her daddy. I am so thankful that we can all celebrate together for the first time:) Yay!

The first new thing I want to talk about is my new hours of operation. I will be posting these new hours on my website, Etsy, Twitter and Facebook. I will be filling orders at night after my kids are in bed. I am doing this because my oldest daughter will be starting school and there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. Besides, I don't have to worry about little hands getting into all of my office supplies! I have been doing it this way for a while but I am going to actually implement it by posting my business hours. I will still be available during the day to answer convo's and such but all orders will be filled after 8 p.m. cst.

This next one is a biggie and will be very time consuming but I hope I can get it done before February. As most of you know I have made to match listings for business cards, labels, etc. My goal is to post all of these designs on my website so prospective buyers can click the link to my site and see what their product will look like. These are still made to match meaning they have to match a design in my shop. There is a bit of a time crunch so I will probably start out with the biz cards and go from there.

There will be about a 2 week shop closure in February. My husband and I are in the process of purchasing our very first home(yippee!!). We will be moving the second half of February and  I will be taking some time away from the shop to concentrate on getting settled into our new home.

Another fun idea I had for 2011 is naming all of my shop sets. It's not a neccesity but I think it would be fun. What do you think?

So, all in all I have a lot of ideas for 2011. Since I have my shop closed until after Christmas I will be working on some new designs. I can't wait to get them in my shop for you all to see. Here is a preview of one I made yesterday:

This is the banner. I haven't made it into the shop set yet but this will work!

I want to wish all of your a very happy holiday and really cherish the time that you have with your loved ones. Some of us aren't as lucky. Just remember to keep those families celebrating without a loved one in your thoughts. Happy Holidays from Sara Rubendall Design Studio!


Monday, December 13, 2010

New Year's Sale!

The new year is a great time to re-vamp your shop with a fun new look! I have added a lot of new sets and there are many more to come. I have everything you need to get your shop up and running. I also have items for offline marketing as well. Business cards, labels, bow cards, hang tags and much much more.

Why am I telling you all of this you ask? On new year's day everything in my shop will be 50% off! I know this event is a bit far off but I want to start spreading the word now so everyone can get a chance to get in on the huge savings.

As promised, in my last post I wrote that this weeks tip has to do with Etsy Hacks. Here is what the site describes itself as:

Greasemonkey is an add-on for the Firefox web browser, that allows you to run "scripts", or little programs that alter the web pages you view. See Installing Greasemonkey for more information.

So if you go to you can get in on all of these cool hacks:

  • copy listing - create a new listing based on an existing one.
  • item zoom - adds a zoom icon to images in search and shop listings.
  • edit this item - edit or delete a listing from the View Listing page.
  • buyer info - add extra information to the "buyer" box on a receipt page.
  • forum wrangler - add extra features to the Etsy forum pages.
These are the most popular. My favorite is the copy listing hack. This enables you to copy a listing without typing everything over and over again.

The website suggests you use firefox(as do I) to run these hacks.

You have to install the application on your computer to make these work. They are fabulous and have saved me many many hours of writing listings!

Next week I will be writing about a very super awesome website called I use this website to advertise and I would suggest that you do too. The owner of the site is fabulous and I hope you all go check her site out:)

Until next time,

I also wanted to post some of the newest shop sets available on SRDS. Enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

250 sales!

To celebrate SRDS hitting 250 sales I am going to have a giveaway! I will be giving away a holiday shop set of your choice. Just leave a comment on this blog post and you are in the running for a free set!!

Mondays are now Mad Blogger Mondays! I have decided to write my blog posts on Mondays. I need to start a routine because if I don't my blog posts won't get written. This Monday's post is more of an informative post but I promise next week will be a doosy! I will be writing about the amazing potential of Etsy Hacks. I know it sounds like bad news, but I promise it is really great.

That is all for now. Happy 250 sales to me and good luck on winning the free Holiday shop set!!